Basic screens

Basic workflow of Lapentor will go through these 3 screens below


This is first screen after login that listing all your Tour

  1. Menu profile: Manage profile info like username, email, password... & other payment info like billing, credit card...
  2. Add new Tour
  3. Search Tour
  4. A Virtual Tour card: Mouse over the card to access basic function related to Virtual Tour including managing Tour info, customize Virtual Tour, clone Tour, export Tour offline, delete Tour...
  5. Live chat: Direct support using Intercom

Project Info

This is where you can find Tour's information & publishing options

  1. Back to Dashboard
  2. Tour name: Here you can re-name the Tour
  3. Tab function: Each tab comes with specific functions & information
  4. Go to Editor
  5. View Tour
  6. Function panel: Listing all specific functions & information in the current tab


This is main screen where you can manage scenes, add hotspot, config advanced features & decorate with theme

  1. Back to Dashboard
  2. Back to Project Info
  3. Current Scene name: Here you can re-name the current scene
  4. Preview
  5. Search box
  6. Add Scene / Group: Create new scene from Media Library or add more group
  7. Scene Management panel: Here you can re-order scene, re-name scene, replace scene, delete scene or move scenes to group
  8. Hotspot Management: Listing all hotspots in current scene, allow you to quickly move to or delete hotspots
  9. Add Hotspot: Create new hotspots with just drag-and-drop, then configure Hotspot with Hotspot Editor
  10. View Config: Here you can control view limit, zoom level or set default view
  11. Power Up: Open Marketplace, then install / configure Plugin using Plugin Editor
  12. Scene Viewer
  13. Zoom level: Display current zoom level
  14. Control Bar Management: Here you can re-order icons, show/hide icons, replace icon's image or decorate control bar

Editor Screens


Plugin Management panel, where you can install / uninstall advanced features

  1. Search box
  2. Close
  3. Plugin Category: Here you can filter then quickly find your prefered plugins
  4. Available Plugins: Listing all plugins that you can install, 
  5. a Plugin card: Mouse over on the card then click install to activate a Plugin
  6. Installed Plugins: Listing all plugins that you have already installed, here you can configure a Plugin via Plugin Editor or uninstall a plugin

Plugin Editor

Plugin Configuration panel, each plugin comes with different options

  1. Plugin name
  2. Close
  3. Plugin Configuration options: Each plugin comes with different options
  4. Save the changes
  5. Preview current Tour

Hotspot Editor

Hotspot Configuration panel, each type comes with different options

  1. Hotspot name / label
  2. Close
  3. Hotspot Specific Configuration area: Each type of hotspots comes with different options
  4. Hotspot Appearance Configuration area: Here you can edit the Hotspot label, the icon & Hotspot size
  5. Save
  6. Delete

Media Library

Pano / Image / Asset Management panel, where you can create scenes or upload / remove assets

  1. Search box
  2. Scene checker: Display whether if there is scene created from this pano or not 
  3. Download button: Click to download the original Asset
  4. a Asset card: Click to select this asset then corresponding actions will display at the bottom
  5. Make Scene button: (only if pano selected) - Create scene from selected pano, here you can choose to use Multiresolution or not
  6. Upload Pano button: Open File uploading dialog, or you can just drag your preferred Asset into
  7. Select all uploaded Pano
  8. Delete Asset

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